Elena Polenova
(1858 – 1898)

Elena Polenova (1858 – 1898)

Elena Polenova (Russian: Елена Дмитриевна Поленова) (November 27, 1858 – November 19, 1898) is a Russian painter.

In 1864 she attended the drawing class in the school of encouragement Society of Arts. She also studied with Pavel Chistyakov (1859-1880) and in Ivan Kramskoi (1864-1869). She studied in Paris in the workshop Chaplain (1869-1870) and again in St. Petersburg (1878-1880). She decorates opera and Russian folk tales. She also participated in the exhibitions of the Society of Wanderers, to those of Mir Iskusstva association.

The crater Venusian Polenova was named in his honor.