Etienne Béothy

Born September 2, 1897 in Heves, Hungary. Bachelor at 18 in 1915. Mobilized he goes to war. He was wounded in the head in 1916, ensues a long convalescence. Discharged in 1918, he enrolled at the School of Architecture of Budapest. His work resulted in 1919 in the design of the Series D’Or. In 1920, he left the School of Architecture and enrolled at the School of Fine Arts to study sculpture. He remained there until 1924. He won a contest that earned him a travel grant. He moved to Vienna, Munich, Nuremberg, Strasbourg and Paris stops for a long stay.
He founded with Del Marle and block the space group. He is invited by Yale University about an exhibition entitled Sacred Art Moderne. In 1952 and 1953 he was commissioned by the architect Guy Lagneau to lecture at the School of Fine Arts of architecture students on the topic Colors and Proportions. In 1953 he exhibited in Brussels. In 1954 he collaborated with architects in search of a synthesis of three Arts in the field of Useful Forms. He participated in the reconstruction of Le Havre. In 1955, he joined strongly disagree with the influential Galerie Maeght which promoted his work, closing the doors of the Parisian galleries. He then participated in many international exhibitions in Europe and the USA.

He is working on a theory of colors and designs many drafts flipcharts to prepare a book that will never end. He starts to travel in Europe, its shoulder camera. He died in Montrouge (where he lived since 1927) in November 1961 at the age of 64, leaving behind a carved out strong and original 151 numbered pieces as Opus, many drawings, paintings and gouaches.