Etienne Drian

Drian was born October 3, 1885 in Bulgnéville in Lorraine. He studied at the Académie Julian in Paris.

He participated in the early twentieth century, including the La Gazette du Bon Ton and Le Journal ladies Tom Antongini. After the War, we find her fashion illustrations in France in “L’Illustration and Femina Pierre Lafitte”, but also in Harper’s Bazarn in 19212. It also illustrates novels or stories, participate in the creation of showcases in the US , decoration of Molyneux office or frescoes for Elsie de Wolfe. In addition to his artwork, he is also the author of oil paintings: he ended his career as a portraitist, Wallis Simpson was one of his models.

He died in 1961; René Gruau said of him that “he is the grand“.