Lucio Fontana

Lucio Fontana (1899-1968)

The Italian artist Lucio Fontana was born in Rosario di Santa Fé in Argentina as the son of Italian immigrants on February 19, 1899. His father is the sculptor Luigi Fontana. Lucio Fontana attends the Istituto Tecnico Carlo Cattaneo in Milan as of 1914. He serves in World War I in 1917, however, he is dismissed as early as in 1918, because of an injury, so that he can complete his engineering studies. Italian painter, sculptor and ceramist, the founder of the Spazialismo movement, he joined the group Abstraction-Création in 1935. Lucio Fontana belongs to the most important and most influential Italian artists, he dies in Comabbio near Varese on July 7, 1968.