Misia Sert

Misia Sert (1872-195)

Misia Sert (born Maria Zofia Olga Zenajda Godebska; March 30, 1872 – October 15, 1950) was a pianist of Polish descent who hosted an artistic salon in Paris. She was a patron and friend of numerous artists, for whom she regularly posed.

Maria Zofia Olga Zenajda Godebska was born on March 30, 1872 in Tsarskoye Selo, outside of St. Petersburg, Russia. Her father, Cyprian Godebski was a renowned Polish sculptor, and professor at the Imperial Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Her mother, Zofia Servais, of Russian- Belgian extraction, was the daughter of noted Belgian cellist, Adrien-François Servais.

The infant was sent to live with her maternal Servais grandparents in Brussels. It was a musical household which hosted concerts performed by noted musicians. Franz Liszt was a friend of the family. It was in this environment that Sert received her musical education, her grandfather introducing the child barely out of infancy, to musical notes. Under his mentorship, she became a gifted pianist.