Odile Mir (1926)



-1926- Birth of Odile Mir 28 September in Toulouse.

Less interest in school, is interested only in literature, drawing and handcrafts.
-1948 / 1955- leaved to Morocco. School of Fine Arts in Casablanca, sculpture section.
-1955- Return to France. Based in an old farmhouse in Tarn pediment of which it shall make a
citation of Pascal’s Thoughts: “Let the imagination pass beyond, it will tire design rather than the nature of
provide. ”
-1958- Participates in exhibitions “The young sculpture”, “human forms” in Paris.
From that time many participations in solo and group exhibitions.
-1962- First research on sundials.
-1965- Creations for Primavera / Printemps, Janie Pradier …
-1966- 1967- exhibitions “OBJET I et Objet II”, Gallery Jacques La Cloche and Place Vendome in Paris with Philolaos, Cesar,
-1969-1973- Creates prototypes for Delmas institutions Montauban.Luminaires, seats, disseminated and published
by Printemps and Prisunic.
– catalog PRISUNIC12 74-75 seats include a creation of Odile Mir , made the first and
4th cover.
– 1973- The fire and the closure of Delmas workshop put an end to his promising start . Odile Mir
then devoted herself entirely to sculpture.
– Between 1968 and 1997 many purchases are made by public collections:
1968 “Passe Muraille” Museum of Modern Art of the City of Paris; 1977 “Porteuse de brebis” National Art Fund
Contemporary, Paris ….
-1989- She gone back to Toulouse.
-1993-1994- Completion of two sundials, one in Monaco, the other on the highway south area of Tavel, “La nef du soleil”
-1998- Odile Mir participates at the Design Biennial of Saint Etienne.
-1995-2015- Odile Mir continues his work, books, drawings, sculptures, and exhibits.
An association was created around his work to sustain and present it to the public.
From 1958 tonowaday,  many collective and personal exhibitions.


“Odile Mir, l’espace traversé” Laura Damour, Michel Dieuzaide. Le Temps Editions
“Prisunic et le design.” Anne Bony.Editions Alternatives 2008

Film: “Le temps traversé, genèse d’une sculpture”” 16mm, produced and directed by Michel Dieuzaide.