Robert Mallet-Stevens

Robert Mallet-Stevens was a French architect and designer born in Paris on March 24, 1886, died in Paris on February 8, 1945. It is part of the modern movement.
Born into a family of collectors, he is a nephew of Suzanne Stevens, the wife of the Belgian financial Adolphe Stoclet in Brussels who built the famous palace of the same name. The homogeneity vanguard of this building will probably exerted a strong influence on subsequent aesthetic choices of Robert Mallet-Stevens ..
He trained at the Special School of Architecture in Paris between 1906 and 1910. Interested primarily through cooperation between different forms of art, he turned first, and for twenty years, towards the creation of furniture and film sets (including those of the Inhumaine Marcel Herbarium in 1924, but he has also worked for directors pageant films). In line Ricciotto Canudo, he was a close, Mallet-Stevens saw cinema as an art in itself.